June :  Data Structures, Computer Graphics, and Pattern Recognition

Author(s) : Kunii, Toshiyasu, Fu, K. S., Klinger, A.

Relevant Unit(s) :

Computing and Information Systems Level 4.


Data Structures, Computer Graphics, and Pattern Recognition focuses on the computer graphics and pattern recognition applications of data structures methodology.

This book presents design related principles and research aspects of the computer graphics, system design, data management, and pattern recognition tasks. The topics include the data structure design, concise structuring of geometric data for computer aided design, and data structures for pattern recognition algorithms. The survey of data structures for computer graphics systems, application of relational data structures in computer graphics, and observations on linguistics for scene analysis are also elaborated.

This text likewise covers the design of satellite graphics systems, interactive image segmentation, surface representation for computer aided design, and error-correcting parsing for syntactic pattern recognition.

This publication is valuable to practitioners in data structures, particularly those who are applying real computer systems to problems involving image, speech, and medical data.