Professional Qualifications

Professional Computer Engineering

Available Study Time

9-12 months per level

Certificate & Diploma

Levels 3, 4, 5 & 6

Entry Requirements

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Develop real talent in an industry driving the world

Whether you work for a small company or a large corporation, computers are essential to any organisation and must be upgraded, modified and repaired to maintain optimum performance. With an increasing reliance on technology comes a necessity for specially trained professionals. 

An ABMA Qualification in Professional Computer Engineering provides the training and skills necessary to apply your knowledge in an exciting, continually evolving and dynamic industry. The qualifications will also ensure you understand the importance of a business-minded approach to computer engineering, making you highly-sought after in an industry that often demands high levels of customer service. 

Qualification Levels and Unit Titles

Level 3 Certificate

Level 3

The Computer

Principles of ICT System and Data Security

Customer care

Introduction to Networking

Personal Computer Hardware Support

Level 4 Diploma

Level 4

Computer Systems

Computer Security

Management of Projects

Networking Technology

Personal Computer Software Support

Level 5 Diploma

Level 5

Human Computer Interaction

Internet Server Management

IT Security Management

Advanced Networking Technology

IT Virtualisation

Level 6 Diploma

Level 6

Data Centre Technology

Distributed and Concurrent Systems

VLSI Design and Signal Processing

Embedded and Digital Systems Engineering

Cloud Computing and Operating Systems

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