UK Regulated Qualifications

Shipping and Logistics

Available Study Time

1 – 3 Years

Diploma Levels

Level 4

More about the Qualification

A qualification that has never been more relevant and career defining.

Working in the shipping and logistics sector is demanding, complex and, if you are able to adapt and grow quickly enough, extremely rewarding. 

The world we live in has never been smaller or more accessible and organisations now have the technology to engage with the services of other overseas providers. The ability to manage the ins and outs of the value chain is core to company strategy and competitive advantage and individuals with the skills to master this process have never been more in demand. 

This qualification sets you on the path to a truly rewarding and significant career in an industry that is at the forefront of technology and competition today. 

Qualification Levels and Unit Titles

Level 4 Diploma


Introduction to Shipping Practice

Introduction to International Maritime Logistics

Optional (3 Required)

Introduction to Shipping Insurance and Salvage

Movement of Dangerous Goods

Overseas Trade Law

Environmental Issues

Port Operations

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