Professional Procurement and Supply Chain

NEW Level 6 is now available.

Available Study Time

9-12 months per level

Diploma Levels Available

Levels 4  5 & 6

Entry Requirements

More about the qualification

Gain an understanding of the concept of, and the various stages involved in, procurement and the supply chain.

Level 4 delves into integrating purchasing into the procurement process, covering supply chain challenges, inventory methods, logistics, and understanding the business environment.

In Level 5, the focus expands to procurement strategies, sustainable practices, and the impact of emerging technologies on supply chains. It emphasizes effective supplier relationships, risk management, and legal frameworks in supply chain management.

Level 6 provides an understanding of procurement operations, encompassing commercial global strategy, procurement planning and forecasting, financial management principles, sustainability considerations, and effective project management methodologies. Providing you with the skills and knowledge to be equipped to drive strategic procurement initiatives, foster cross-functional collaboration, mitigate risks, and contribute to organisational success.


Qualification Levels and Unit Titles

Level 4 Diploma

Level 4

Supply Chain Processes

Introduction to Procurement and Purchasing

Inventory and Stock Control


Business Operations

Level 5 Diploma

Level 5

Procurement Strategies

Technology and Innovation in Supply Chains

Agile Supply Chain Management and Risk Resilience

Building and Managing Supplier Relationships

Contract Management and Legal Aspects

NEW - Level 6 Diploma

Level 6

Commercial Global Strategy

Procurement Planning and Forecasting

Financial Management

Sustainable Procurement Practices and Ethical Sourcing

Project Management in Procurement

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