Professional Office Administration

Available Study Time

4-6 months

Level Available

Certificate Level 3

Entry Requirements

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More about the qualification

This qualification is for those considering a career in office administration and wish to learn about the foundations of working within the office environment.

Learners are given an introduction to office practices, organisation types and the skills needed to successfully work in an office environment, as well as the importance of equality, diversity and culture in an office.

Included is an introduction to the various administrative roles and responsibilities which in turn support the business, then provided with an understanding of the various computer hardware, software and applications they would be expected to be familiar with when working in an office setting, before being introduced to the concept of communication, types of communication and how it can be used effectively.

Finally, an introduction is given to personal development and reflective practice to support personal growth and progression.

Qualification Levels and Unit Titles

Level 3 Certificate

Level 3

Introduction to Office Practices

Administrative Roles and Responsibilities

IT Skills

Communication Skills

Personal Development and Performance