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About ABMA Education

ABMA Education is an Awarding Organisation based in the UK that offers Professional and Regulated qualifications across the world. Using our extensive knowledge and leading industry and employment experts, we provide qualification content that bridges the gap between education and employment.

Our Mission

Bridging the gap between education and employment

ABMA Education is different, we take a more proactive approach to learning. As an Awarding Organisation we are not only concerned with the quality of education delivered, we are also passionate about how our learners develop key employment skills. That’s why we have spent so much time developing our own teaching materials with employment experts to promote key skills through our learning considered so integral by so many in industry.

More about us

Learning that encourages truly transformative moments

We believe that real significant learning takes place through encouragement and shared knowledge not just through qualification content delivered by lecturers. Our qualifications encourage peer to peer learning, debate and activities that offer learners the opportunity to get below the surface of subject knowledge and develop their own thoughts and expertise.

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