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Professional Public Health Management

Available Study Time

9-12 months per level

Diploma Levels

Levels 4, 5 & 6

Entry Requirements

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Learn how to succeed in an increasingly important sector

ABMA Education’s Professional Public Health Management qualifications are specifically designed to empower individuals to respond effectively and professionally to issues that would otherwise impact hugely on communities and regions. 

The content is not clinical in nature but rather, helps establish knowledge of how public health risks can affect communities, how initiatives can be better designed to succeed and how you can develop the management skills to become a leader in this increasilgly diverse sector. The content helps progress learning through the levels and encompasses all the latest thinking on Public Health Management, a subject area that is both challenging and extremely rewarding. 

This qualification is not available in all territories. Please check with ABMA Education for more information.

Qualification Levels and Unit Titles

Level 4 Diploma

Level 4

Introduction to Science for Public Health

Social Science

Principles of Public Health

Introduction to Epidemiology and Statistics

Determinants of Health

Level 5 Diploma

Level 5

Communicable Diseases

HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis

Pneumonia and Malaria

Introduction to Non-communicable Diseases, Mental Ill Health and Injury

Health of Women, Children and Young People

Level 6 Diploma

Level 6

Mental Health, Disability and Ageing

Public Health in a Crisis or Disaster

Working in Public Health

Health Education and Health Promotion

Managing Public Health

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