April :  Readings in Global Health : Essential Reviews From the New England Journal of Medicine

Author(s) :

Fineberg, Harvey V., Hunter, David J., Massachusetts Medical Society.

 Relevant Unit(s) :

HIV/Aids Management all Diplomas


Global health has seen an influx of investment and interest over the last two decades, fueling significant gains in areas such as infectious disease and maternal and child health. As new threats continue to emerge — pandemics, health impacts of climate change, the growing burdens of an aging population — it’s clear that global health will require fresh thinking and continued investment in order to build on its early successes.

Readings in Global Health is a collection of authoritative review articles on topics in global health excerpted from the New England Journal of Medicine. Authored and edited by leading voices in the field, this volume serves as an ideal introduction to both the state of global health and its road from here. With extensive illustration, referencing, and supplemental commentaries by editors David J. Hunter and Harvey V. Fineberg, it’s an essential guide to the principles and practice of global health and works as a textbook for students taking global health courses as well.