March: Organization Development : Accelerating Learning and Transformation


T.V. Rao, S. Ramnarayan,

Relevant to:

Human Resource Management Level 5 Diploma


S Ramnarayan and T V Rao build on the foundation of their extensive research and work with organizations over several decades to answer some of the most  critical questions in Organization Development (OD) today:

– How do you alter mindsets of organizational members at different levels to tackle new challenges posed by the environment?

– How do you overcome silo thinking and build collaborations? – How do you make mergers or acquisitions work?

– How do you bring about cultural change?

– How do you build managerial and organizational capability to effectively tap the opportunities available in the new environment?

A completely revised and updated second edition of the best selling

Organization Development: Interventions & Strategies (1998), this book brings key insights derived from the worlds of theory and practice to provide a holistic understanding of the field of OD.

Focusing especially on issues relevant to India and the emerging markets, it is enriched with contributions from eminent OD practitioners from academic, corporate and consulting organizations from different parts of the world. Organization Development is a significant step in bridging the talent demand supply gap for first-rate OD professionals.