November – An Introduction to Journalism



Carole Fleming

Relevant Unit(s):

Journalism and Media Studies Level 4 Diploma Units 1, 2, 3 and 4.


‘The book does what it says on the label. It is punctuated throughout with useful and relevant quotes from working journalists, their opinions, tips and warnings – a technique that drives home the message and adds life and colour’ THES Textbook Guide.

The job of a journalist has changed dramatically over the past few decades with satellite links, 24 hour rolling news and the Internet creating constant pressure for the latest updates. But for all that, the fundamentals of doing the job remain the same; it’s about identifying a story, getting the interviews, and delivering a balanced and interesting report.

‘Introduction to Journalism’ examines the skills needed to work as a journalist in newspapers, television, radio and online, and ‘Provides case studies as a guide to researching stories, interviewing, and writing for each medium, as well as recording material for both radio and television.’ It also offers a wide range of comments and tips on the best way to approach stories which includes interviews with journalists working on a variety of news outlets from the BBC to weekly newspapers.

This book provides a lively and authoritative introduction to journalism and readers will enjoy the insight from a range of journalists.