Regulated Qualifications

Fee Structure 2022


Learner Registration


Replacement Result Slip (Per Level)
Replacement Certificate (Per Level)
Replacement Student Card
Transcript Fee
Express/Out of Area Delivery*
Exemption Fee Per Unit**

* Upon receipt of this payment and any associated fees ABMA Education will aim to dispatch the requested documentation within 5 working days.

**The fee indicated alongside exemption is per unit, therefore, depending on the number of units you are applying to be exempt from you will need to calculate the total due for this.

Examination Fees

Level 3 Certificate

£35.00 Per Unit
5 Units

Level 4 Diploma

£35.00 Per Unit
5 Units

Level 5 Diploma

£40.00 Per Unit
5 Units

Level 6 Diploma

£45.00 Per Unit
5 Units

Important Information

All ABMA Education Deadlines must be strictly adhered to, details of these deadlines can be found on our website at These dates indicate when the fees should arrive at our head office or account.

Fees received after the deadline will be processed and kept for the subsequent examination series. Fees should be applied for well in advance of the deadline to allow for any delays which may occur. All fees paid are non-refundable and non-transferable.

The ABMA Education Registration Form, Examination Entry Forms and Exemption Application Forms are available to download here. These must be completed in full and submitted to your ABMA Education recognised Centre, together with the required documentation, by the pre-set deadlines.

All ABMA Education fees listed above are correct at the time of print and may be subject to review.

Appeals Fees

Enquiring About Results (EAR) Fees (per unit)

Option 1


Option 2


Option 3


General Appeal Stage Fees

Stage 1–centre’s appealing on behalf of a learner

£50.00 (per learner)
Stage 1–centre appealing on behalf of itself
Stage 2
£150.00 + fees/expenses charged by independent reviewer