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Professional Community Development Management

Available from January 2023

Available Study Time

9-12 months per level

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Diploma Levels Available

Levels 4, 5 & 6

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Learn how to manage and bring real positive change to international and national communities

Community Development professionals entering the workplace today are expected to embrace global responsibility in a growing number of areas and in a growing number of groups, from the vulnerable to those seeking to better their communities. These are all becoming recognised as crucial areas of development and managers are needed that can manage themselves and others through complex projects and initiatives.

Community Development Management qualifications from ABMA Education are firmly established in many areas around the world and have been a key form of development for those looking to enter into or advance a career in this exciting, fulfilling area.

Learn how to plan, resource and manage projects, as well as business planning and how to apply these in a setting that is becoming increasingly important and influential. Our learners are responsible for some landmark changes in developing and developed communities, and you too can be a part of positive change too.

Qualification Levels and Unit Titles

Level 4 Diploma

Level 4

Introduction to Community

Understanding Community Development

Sociology and Social Work

Working with the Vulnerable

Project Planning

Level 5 Diploma

Level 5

Leadership and Conflict Resolution

Capacity Building and Sustainability in Communities

Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Management

Managing Health and Disease in Communities

Accessing and Managing Project Resources

Level 6 Diploma

Level 6

Community and Inter-Agency Working

Critical Engagement with Social Policy

Entrepreneurship in Communities

Reflective Practice

Project Management

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