Professional Community Development

Professional Community Development

Community Development professional qualifications from ABMA Education are considered a landmark training method for charities, NGOs and governmental bodies. ABMA’s Level 4 Diploma, Level 5 Diploma and Level 6 Diploma qualifications in Community Development will make you a leading candidate for a role that involves taking your qualification and making a difference to a community.

These Community Development professional qualifications will enable you to employ a business focus to social and community development.

Level 4 Diploma

Mandatory Units

  • Community Development Values
  • Community Health and Disease Management
  • Understanding Poverty in Communities
  • Supporting the Vulnerable in Communities
  • Sociological Perspectives on Community

Level 5 Diploma

Mandatory Units

  • Business Planning and Practice for Community Organisations
  • Conflict Resolution and Community Campaigning
  • Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Management
  • Marketing Principles and Methods for Community Organisations
  • Project Finance and Funding

Level 6 Diploma

Mandatory Units

  • Community and Inter-Agency Working
  • Social and Community Enterprise
  • Intercultural Dialogue and Community Engagement
  • Reflective Practice in Community Development
  • Comparative Policy and Social Movements in Community Development
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    Waza Dzoole

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