Period Poverty – Our 2020 Initiative

by | May 22, 2020 | News

Here at ABMA Education we understand the disappointment and anxiety with current events. We are all hoping that life returns to normal as fast as possible but of course ‘normal’ means different things to different people.

We were astounded by the response to our Period Poverty initiative and the enthusiasm demonstrated by both our male and female learners to this important issue. This is matched by our commitment to putting this initiative into action.

Girls and women that do not have appropriate access to sanitary items, are often affected by the stigma associated with periods or are embarrassed or shunned by their communities because they are menstruating.

We have teamed up with Supreme Sanitary Pads, a sustainable social enterprise based in Malawi to provide the provision of sanitary items during forthcoming examination weeks and we are committed to making our initiative a reality as soon as possible.

We will be releasing more details once we are able to so keep checking the website for more details.