ABMA partners with HeSMA

by | Sep 2, 2019 | News

ABMA has partnered with HeSMA, the only advocacy association for professionals and institutions in the Health Systems Management industry, to provide much needed training for medical professionals in a variety of areas.

HeSMA is committed to raising the standards of its members and therefore the industry as a whole as it continues to evolve as the premier organization for health manager capacity building and development.

ABMA has committed to a 4 year collaboration agreement with HeSMA as part of its strategic plan to provide skills based capacity development programs to over 4500 healthcare leaders in East Africa.

In line with this collaboration agreement, HeSMA have endorsed Essential Business Skills, Community Development, HIV/AIDS Management and Public Health Management. The letter of endorsement can be found by clicking here.

We look forward to working with HeSMA to bring real benefits to health care leaders, members and the stakeholders they serve.

For full details, please access a press release here.