International Women’s Day 2016

by | Mar 8, 2016 | News

What is International Women’s Day?IWD

International Women’s Day (8th March 2016) is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The focus for 2016 is ‘Pledge For Parity’.

International Women’s Day means different things to different people. For some it’s a celebration, for others it’s a call to action to accelerate gender parity, and for many it’s an opportunity to align and promote relevant activity. Whatever your objective, International Women’s Day is the perfect moment for gender-focused action.

ABMA Education Embracing International Women’s Day

ABMA Education would like to celebrate and embrace International Women’s Day today and celebrate the achievements of each and every woman/girl who is currently studying or have finished their studies with ABMA Education.

Girls’ and womens’ rights to an education is protected under international law and yet too often, many women and girls are being refused access to an education that could make all the difference to their lives.

We believe that everyone is entitled to an education and the chance to better themselves whether they are male or female. On this important day we would like to encourage every young woman who reads this to think about how they can better themselves, how they can make their dreams a reality and how they can they help other women achieve success.

Visit and make your pledge for International Women’s’ Day 2016

Here are some photographs of the achievements of some of the high achieving female ABMA Education learners who achieved Outstanding Achievement Awards in 2015.


To see other photos from last years ABMA Education Outstanding Achievement Award Ceremony, visit our YouTube channel here.