2020 Initiative – Period Poverty

by | Mar 8, 2020 | News

On International Women’s Day, ABMA Education is pleased to announce the launch of our initiative on tackling the issue of PERIOD POVERTY.

Period Poverty affects women from all walks of life and across the world. This is when girls and women do not have appropriate access to sanitary items, are affected by the stigma associated with periods or are embarrassed or shunned by their communities because they are menstruating.

Girls and women are often reluctant to go out during their period because of period poverty or because of the reaction of the community. We believe there is no reason such a normal part of a female’s biology should prevent them from obtaining an education or having this disrupted each month.

ABMA Education will be working hard throughout 2020 to assist our female learners with access to their education in spite of their period and the first step towards this is the provision of reusable sanitary pads within our examination centres during the week of examinations.

We have teamed up with Supreme Sanitary Pads, a sustainable social enterprise based in Malawi to provide the provision of sanitary items during the scheduled examination week, initially starting in Blantyre, Malawi for the March examination series. We hope to further extend this initiative over the coming year.

Female learners, by providing their ABMA Education student number and their email address, can collect one medium reusable sanitary pad FREE OF CHARGE from the Blantyre Examination Centre. By following the care instructions provided you will be able to use, wash and go onto reuse the pad for up to 2 years (care and item dependant).

We welcome your feedback on this initiative, the issue itself, the provision we have made and your overall experience.

We look forward to being able to extend this initiative and supporting our learners to access education.

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