Learners Wellbeing


Looking after our mental wellbeing is important, everyone has days when they feel they are not feeling positive, but taking small steps can make all the difference.

Wellbeing Tips

Get into a good sleeping routine, a regular bed time and wake up time

Do something relaxing before bed

Use a clock rather than your phone, it reduces the temptation to scroll page after page in bed

Keep a pen and note pad by your bed, write down your to do’s and anything you need to remember for the next day

Think about your where you are

Keep it clean, tidy and uncluttered

Remember to go outside and get some fresh air, take in your surroundings, there is beauty in all types of environment

Be creative, draw, write, keep a scrapbook, play an instrument, whatever you like

Play a board or computer game

Read a book or a blog

Watch your favourite TV show or film

Listen to uplifting music

Meditate, do yoga, play sports, go for a bike ride

Cook and enjoy food with friends

Spend time with a pet

It’s easy to get caught up in everyday life, its busy, but there are somethings you can do even if you don’t have a lot of spare time, here are some ideas you can try:

5 minutes spare

Make a drink and enjoy it undistracted

Cuddle up with a loved one, pet or a soft toy

Write a to do list

Message a friend

10 minutes spare


Take a short walk

Do a quick tidy up of your room/work space

Listen to your favourite songs/playlist/audio book

30 minutes spare

Do some exercise, take a class or a brisk walk

Call a friend or family member for a catch up

Write something, a blog, diary or a letter

Complete a puzzle or crossword

Have a nap

1 hour spare

Watch an episode of your favourite TV show

Go for coffee with a friend

Cook or bake something

Have a soak in a bubble bath

Do some shopping, the fun kind!