Tanaka’s Story

by | Jan 19, 2024 | Learners Stories

Tanaka studied ABMA Education’s Business Management Diploma in Zimbabwe.

He tells us about how he thinks his ABMA studies have had an impact on his career and how it can help others.

“My thoughts on my ABMA Diploma in Business Management are; it’s a diploma that can be applied now and in the future.

ABMA manages to cover all business aspects that are applied on a daily basis, my favourite part was around Financial Planning.

I believe that this Diploma can be used as a supplement for engineers and/or skilled workers, to get a better corporate understanding.

I am planning to start a technical school that concentrates on green technology such as solar and electric vehicles. We have considered offering ABMA Education as part of the curriculum to allow technical students to gain an understanding of both workshop and the corporate world.”

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