Nyasha’s Story

by | Jul 3, 2023 | Learners Stories

My name is Nyasha Severino from Zimbabwe.

I studied HIV/AIDS Management at People’s College, passed my level 4 with Distinction, and received an ABMA Education Outstanding Achievement Award. I am now currently pursuing another ABMA Education Diploma in Community Development.

Why did you choose to study with ABMA Education?

I chose to study with ABMA Education because of the HIV/AIDS Management qualification available which provided learners with a rounded understanding of the background of the subject as well as the knowledge of current and future needs in order to be effective in this sector.

How did you find your studies?

I found my studies with ABMA Education very interesting. The lecturers at People’s College were so engaging and supportive. The best part of my studies was that a lot of the information about the qualification was shared on the ABMA Members Area, leading to me being able to study using the resources, e.g. e-books and sample papers etcs.

What are your plans going forwards?

After my ABMA qualifications, I am planning to further my studies with a university degree. I plan to use my qualifications to better my community giving knowledge and HIV/AIDS awareness to those with HIV and those taking care of HIV patients.

How do you feel your ABMA Education qualifications have helped you?

My qualification has given me the skills required to excel in my job, especially skills with the ability to adapt and work harmoniously with people from diverse cultural settings and background.

What would you advise anyone thinking of undertaking a qualification with ABMA Education?

My advice to anyone is that they should go for it, you will never go wrong with ABMA for it is an international organisation giving the best professional qualifications.