Chikondi’s Story

by | Oct 14, 2022 | Learners Stories

Chikondi studied Public Health Management at St Luke’s College of Health Sciences.

Why did you decide to study with ABMA Education?

The reason I am studying ABMA is because it offers deep understanding of updated global challenges and possible solutions for the betterment of the society, in addition to that, students are shaped with unique skills in addressing problems in different sectors. The interesting part is the creativity that one gets after studying ABMA.

What do you plan to do once you have finished your ABMA Education studies?

My vision is to come up with non-governmental organization (which I started, but due to some challenges had to be put on pause). If a non- government organisation does not work out, then I hope to come up with charitable group, potentially an orphanage to help reduce challenges faced by street children and building a shelter for them and for other disadvantaged groups. All of this is to shape the society to be a suitable environment for all, and I will make it.

I am also currently managing 5 WhatsApp groups that contain around 1145 students from different ABMA Education centres, providing information such as sample papers, online discussions and related vacancies, for those who have issues accessing the internet. TI do this for free, as it can be challenging in some areas to access these resources.


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