How to Pay Fees

ABMA Education can accept payments for all of our services, including examination fees, by the following methods only. At this time we are unable to accept payment using any alternative methods.


If the learner is currently enrolled and studying at an ABMA Education recognised centre, payment can be made via that centre. For further information please contact the ABMA Education co-ordinator at the centre and they will be able to assist you further


Banker’s drafts (cheques) must be made payable to ABMA Education and delivered to our offices in the UK by courier. Once this has been despatched please ensure that you provide the tracking details by email to: info@abma.uk.com.

(Please note that banker’s drafts and cheques are now being phased out and in some countries are no longer available, please contact your bank directly for further information on this if required).


We proudly partner with Convera to offer you a simple, secure, and smart way to pay your fees online. Convera’s platform is trusted by 800+ institutions worldwide to enable payments in 140+ currencies across 200+ countries and territories.

ABMA Education learners can pay their fees in local currency via Convera an excellent service that is easy to use and very low cost when compared to other ways to pay your ABMA Education fees.

To use this method you will need to complete the online form which will provide you with a number of currency options and quotes based on your country of residence. Once this has been completed you will be provided with details of how to complete the payment via Convera which is done by bank transfer.

Note: Even if your local currency is unavailable on the form, you can still pay in your local currency. The form will revert to US Dollars as a default but simply take the form to your bank who will accept your fees.



We are also able to accept payments on behalf of learners from a friend or family member in the UK. Any person that wishes to make payment from the UK will need to contact us directly via email: info@abma.uk.com  or telephone: +44 208 733 7000  and provide details of the learner they wish to make payment for. We will then be able to provide them with the necessary details to complete the payment.


Whichever payment method you choose, please ensure that you include all necessary details:

  • Learner’s full name
  • ABMA recognised centre name
  • ABMA student number
  • which services are required

Unfortunately without this information we are unable to identify and process payments. 

If you require any further information or assistance regarding making payment please contact us via email: info@abma.uk.com or telephone +442087337000