October – Stakeholders: Theory and Practice stakeholders-theory-and-practice


Andrew L Friedman,
Samantha Miles.

Relevant Unit(s):

Human Resource Management Level 4 Diploma Unit 4.


The research on social discourse in societies, firms, and organisations written by researchers working in fields such as Management, Corporate Governance, Accounting and Finance, Strategy, Sociology, and Politics often makes reference to the term ‘stakeholder’. Yet the concept of the ‘stakeholder’ is unclear, and research around it often muddled.

This book provides an analysis, classification, and critique of the various strands of theory about stakeholders. The authors place these theories both in the context of their philosophical underpinnings, and their practical and policy implications. Practical examples based on new data are used to examine a diverse range of stakeholders, and the relationships stakeholders have with their organisations.

This is the first book on stakeholder theory to propose a critical analysis, both at the macro and micro level that is framed and guided by theory. Written to provide both order and clarity to research into the concept of the stakeholder, the book is also written as an introduction for students. It includes chapter introductions, useful tables and figures, short vignettes on key concepts and issues, and discussion questions.