Funding for Regulated Business Management

We are delighted to announce that learners wanting to study ABMA Education’s Regulated Business Management qualifications, can now access funding for their study through Advanced Learner Loans from the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA).


All levels of this programme, including the funding available for each qualification, can now be found on the Advanced Learner Loans Catalogue (2018/19) which can be downloaded by clicking here or by following this link:


More information on Advanced Learner Loans can be found by clicking here or by following this link:

  • “Affordable fees as well as providing library facilities on the ABMA Education website creating easy access to books, articles and many other study tools.”

    Takudzwa Chakanetsa

  • “I gained valuable skills which I used in my work nearly every day and continue to use in my studies.”

    Waza Dzoole

  • “ABMA Education had an appealing and innovative setup which I found very attractive while still maintaining affordability for me and helped me to enhance my career aspirations of becoming an entrepreneur.”

    Roberta Chikafutwa

  • “With the knowledge and skills I have gained so far, I would be able to fit myself in the business world and with ABMA Education certificates, I have a guaranteed future… I am proud to be an ABMA Education leaner.”

    Ndikum Keshia

  • “My studies have been informative, educational and eye opening. I may not have finished my qualifications yet but I already experience the power that comes with knowledge.”

    Shaanice Sharrell-Ann Moffat

  • “My honest advice to anyone who is thinking of undertaking ABMA Education is not to hesitate one bit … it can also be seen as a shortcut to get your university degree.”

    Koupouli Tibi Judith