Vocational Qualifications

Vocational education has diversified and is widely acknowledged to be vital to the development of individuals working in industry sectors including, but not limited to, business, tourism, information technology, shipping and logistics, and journalism.

Employers are increasingly seeking individuals with professional training and are recognising a vocational qualification as evidence that the applicant has an aptitude for the specific area in which the vacancy lies.

Employers are often favouring applicants with a vocational qualification as they represent a more immediate replacement for a vacant role and are seen as someone who can satisfy the job criteria without the need for extensive pre-job training.

It is not just new industries looking towards candidates that have undertaken this type of education. The resurgence of vocational education has led to many people being able to access careers in otherwise difficult to enter job sectors such as governmental departments and non-profit organisations.

Vocational education can help you to progress your training beyond the requirements of industry providing access to exciting new career opportunities.

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