ABMA Education is an awarding organisation with a reputation for training excellence. Recognised by international employers, industry experts and universities, both domestically and internationally, thousands of ABMA learners worldwide enjoy the benefits of undertaking a qualification that ensures relevant and advanced skills at an affordable cost.

ABMA is recognised by the Office of the Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual) in England as well as many governmental accreditation bodies worldwide.

ABMA Education can be found on The Register of Regulated Qualifications by clicking the following link:

  • “I feel proud of the skills I have gained from the my ABMA studies and I am hoping to progress to a higher position in my career as well as develop in my current role.”

    Mohaladi Sarefo

  • “ABMA has really helped me, in such a way that after completing my ABMA Advanced Diploma in Business Administration and Management Studies I am able to compete internationally when seeking employment. I also have the possibility of going straight into a Masters Degree with my ABMA qualification!”

    Patricia Sendeza

  • “I feel ABMA courses are wonderful as they have made me who I am today. I am a good communicator and a computer specialist. ABMA has added massively to my well being in life and I am able to work well in the business world.”

    Boston Leji

  • “My ABMA qualification, being an international one, is highly recognised. If I went job seeking, without hesitation I would be given a chance to sit an interview!”

    Margaret Onduri