The ABMA Education Learning Environment

The ABMA Education Learning Environment is a unique approach to learning and brings great value and benefits to leaners studying an ABMA Education qualification. The ABMA Education Learning Environment is built up of 4 exclusive elements:

  • Specialist Expertise
  • Work-based Skills
  • Exclusive Resources
  • Personalised Support

These four elements are all supportive of each other and together help to create an environment that promotes effective learning.

Below are just some of the exciting benefits that learners and lecturers can take advantage of:

  • Updated qualifications which have been devised by employers and industry and education experts who have incorporated the most up to date and advanced skillsand concepts in today’s industries.
  • Comprehensive and prepared resources which means lecturers save time, teach consistently and deliver valuable professional skillswith a wealth of resources.
  • Learners will gain specialist work-based skillsthat are incorporated into the qualifications. They will be taught how to problem solve, research, work as part of a team, manage their time and be creative, all of which are soft skills which are in demand and needed right now in the work place.
  • ABMA Education will provide personalised support, including dedicated ABMA Education staff, employer and university liaison, as well as post qualification guidance and support.
  • You will also benefit from even more exclusive resourcesincluding the ABMA Education Journal Database, exclusive access to our member’s area and exclusive professional development resources.
  • Specific textbooks and journals can be accessed via the ABMA Education eLibrary and can be downloaded in a way which suits you.

(Please remember that you will only be able to access the ABMA Education eLibrary if your centre has paid the annual subscription fee).

For more information on each of the individual elements please click the links on the right-hand side of this page.

Full documents are available to centres and can be downloaded from ABMA Interactive (AI), see your ABMA Education Coordinator for access.


“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”  Nelson Mandela

  • “I feel proud of the skills I have gained from the my ABMA studies and I am hoping to progress to a higher position in my career as well as develop in my current role.”

    Mohaladi Sarefo

  • “ABMA has really helped me, in such a way that after completing my ABMA Advanced Diploma in Business Administration and Management Studies I am able to compete internationally when seeking employment. I also have the possibility of going straight into a Masters Degree with my ABMA qualification!”

    Patricia Sendeza

  • “I feel ABMA courses are wonderful as they have made me who I am today. I am a good communicator and a computer specialist. ABMA has added massively to my well being in life and I am able to work well in the business world.”

    Boston Leji

  • “My ABMA qualification, being an international one, is highly recognised. If I went job seeking, without hesitation I would be given a chance to sit an interview!”

    Margaret Onduri