ABMA Education eLibrary

We are delighted to inform you that the ABMA Education eLibrary has now been launched.

You will enjoy unprecedented access to numerous books specific to your qualification to support you in your ABMA Education studies. This library will  help expand your expertise, broaden your subject knowledge and become a more capable and specialist future employee.

The ABMA Education eLibrary can be accessed using a password supplied to subscribing centres on ABMA Interactive. Speak to your centre directly for how to gain access to a wealth of textbooks relevant to each subject.

There are even textbooks on personal development and self help texts such as interviewing well and how to cope with examination stress.

New text books will be appearing regularly so keep checking back for access to additional texts.

In addition to the textbooks, ABMA Education is pleased to announce that subscribing centres will also have access to an online journal database with thousands of articles, full texts, magazines and journals. This database will help you find real life examples relevant to your studies and opinion pieces.

Watch the video below for an introduction:

Book of the Month

  • December : The Ethics of Journalism : Individual,

Previous Books

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    Mohaladi Sarefo

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    Patricia Sendeza

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    Boston Leji

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    Margaret Onduri